Who We Are

ICA is leading the new High Speed Internet revolution, building Canada's finest wireless network, uniquely to provide secure, reliable access to the Internet. We are not a new kid on the block; our customers have been satisfied by our services for over 10 years and continue to be.

We are striving to provide the customer with the best technology on the market today.

Delivering high speed Internet

Our servers are connected to multiple Internet backbones, which offers our customers virtually uninterrupted Internet connectivity.

What is the Support Like?

The number one objective that you should look into is support. No matter how great the Internet Service Provider is, sooner or later you will need some assistance. ICA Powerline Broadband provides a very personal customer support.

Are You Going to Get What You Paid For?

Just take a look at the easy setup and the amount of bandwidth provided by ICA Poweline Broadband internet connection. Being able to upgrade or downgrade your plan is also an advantage.

Customer Satisfaction

We realize, as all good businesses do, that the only way we can stay in business is by adding to our clients profit, we would like to help you increase your profit too.

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