Internet Over Existing Powerline

Broadband Over Power-Lines

Coming to a home or office near you could be an : high-speed Web access via ubiquitous , of all things, making every electrical outlet an always-on Web connection.

With power lines nearly everywhere, ICA Powerline could provide broadband access to places not served by cable or DSL.

System Design

The building receives wireless Internet connection from ICA Wireless, which is then transmitted throughout each of the apartments using the . Every apartment is now connected to the internet using the existing power grid infrastructure. The only installation required is the antenna that will receive the signal.

Onsite Setup

ICA assumes all costs associated with installing the service as well as providing all equipment to end-users in order to have the service "live". A typical user installation can take place within 10-15 minutes.


Everything from microwaves ovens, televisions, web radios, telephones as well as your computers can be connected to the Internet through your .

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